Jimmy Kimmel shows Beckham's ugly side

The one thing we all can agree on is that David Beckham always looks good, and we might be putting that mildly.

Turns out, it is possible that the iconic stud can look ugly, although it wasn’t Beckham’s initial response when posed the question whether he is able to take an ugly selfie.

In a funny video clip with TV host Jimmy Kimmel, Beckham is seated at a bar where he is served a glass of whiskey and asked three questions by Kimmel who plays bartender.

Kimmel: “Do you think you’re capable of taking an ugly selfie?” 

Becks, with a straight face, replies:  “No.”

The response evokes a stunned reaction and Becks, while laughing, backtracks when he says: “Of course I do.”

The host hands him his mobile phone for him to pull faces at the camera and as it turns out, the former England international does look slightly ugly.

The global celebrity was also asked what fruit he could kick the furthest to which he replies, “Grapefruit, as long as it doesn’t explode.”

Kimmel tries to bait Becks with another question when he asks, “What is your favourite Spice?”

But, Golden Balls — a nickname bestowed on Becks by his wife Posh Spice — didn’t fall for it.

“Posh. I was going to say Cinnamon, but Posh is a lot better,” to which Jimmy joked: “That is the right answer as cinnamon isn’t going to hit you over the head with a frying pan.”



Maybe not as sexy, but he is smart.

Source: Mirror

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