Fifty Shades of piracy: Sexy movie has already been pirated over 400,000 times

We hope you spent some of your hongbao money at the cinema this week. 

Or maybe you were one of the people who downloaded Fifty Shades of Grey illegally?

According to Ad Age, the movie had been downloaded 453,109 times as of Feb 16. 

That's twice as many times Guardians of the Galaxy - one of 2014's top movies - was downloaded in its first weekend. 

The numbers come from monitoring firm Excipio GmbH. 

Ad Age said that by Feb 16, Fifty Shades was the fifth-most pirated movie in the US.

This despite the illegal files mostly being poor quality videos taken with camcorders. 

The editor of file-sharing news site TorrentFreak told Ad Age that netizens may be willing to make do with the poor quality because they're too embarrassed to watch the movie in theatres. 

Not everyone's embarrassed, though - reports that the movie took in US$85 million (S$115.6 million) in its opening weekend.  

Source: Ad Age, Fortune