Movie date: The Longest Ride


I haven't seen a flick with two such great-looking leads in a while.

Robertson is perhaps my favourite actress at the moment, based almost entirely on her appearance.

Her face is elfin. She's petite yet curvy.

She reminds me a bit of Game Of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen, but unlike Emilia Clarke, she's a natural blonde.

I would follow her around Westeros like the pathetic, friend zoned Jorah Mormont even after winter finally comes.


Eastwood is also an amazing specimen, as is his right as the son of Clint Eastwood.

He has his daddy's squinty cowboy vibe, but he's less weird and scary.

I can't imagine any female being able to resist him, particularly not after he's just ridden a rampaging bull into submission.

Basically, The Longest Ride has a dream cast.

If it matters to anyone, I also really liked the story. The clash between Sophia's art world and Luke's rodeo world is very well-handled.

Neither arena is given short shrift, and it's easy to see why these kids are drawn to their respective callings.

Another bonus with The Longest Ride is that it isn't as weepy and melodramatic as most Nicholas Sparks adaptations.

I really hope it launches its two stunning leads into the big time.

Rating: 4/5


Amazing eye candy? Check.

Star-crossed lovers? Check. Heartbreaking story? Check.

This is yet another Nicholas Sparks movie with all the usual trappings.

Why mess with a successful tried-and-tested formula?

The only difference here is there's a secondary love story, one that is actually much stronger and more epic.

This movie is quite the starring vehicle for second- and third-generation Hollywood kids.

Huston, who plays the younger Ira, is the grandson of Hollywood great John Huston and the nephew of Anjelica and Danny Huston.

Then there's Chaplin, granddaughter of movie icon Charlie Chaplin.

And of course, there's Eastwood, who's a doppelganger of his father.

The trio deliver appealing performances, and the chemistry between Huston and Chaplin make their romance the emotional core of this film.

Yet, The Longest Ride belongs to the ruggedly charming Eastwood.

From the way the camera lingers on him, you can tell that the director knows he has a golden goose on his hands.

Robertson gets relegated to the sidelines and is hardly memorable in any way.

Fans of Sparks' movies will need their tissues - not to dry their tears but to wipe away the drool each time Eastwood appears.

Rating: 3/5

STARRING: Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin, Alan Alda

DIRECTOR: George Tillman Jr

THE SKINNY: Luke (Eastwood) is a professional bull-rider and Sophia (Robertson) is an art major. Their worlds collide one night at a rodeo and needless to say, it is love at first sight. The pair soon befriend an old man Ira (Alda) whose poignant relationship with his late wife Ruth (Chaplin) teaches the young couple the true meaning of love.


THE CONSENSUS: Eastwood for the girls, Robertson for the guys and two love stories for all. Enjoy the ride!