Can we have a full movie of Redneck Avengers?

The brilliant folk at Bad Lip Reading (BLR) have turned their talent towards the superheroes.

If you are unfamiliar with the BLR genre, here's the crash course: Clips from pop-culture redubbed with words that fit the lip movement. 

The sentences are gibberish and but they work.

After twisting Game Of Thrones into an 80s-style teen comedy, BLR have turned the first Avengers film into a trailer park soap opera.

Marvel at how well Thor suits being a slack-jawed yokel and Captain America suits prissiness.

It's so addictive, you might even watch the original film and absent-mindedly wonder why Loki isn't asking Black Widow to get him some Big League Chew

Hopefully they can get cracking on  improving, sorry, poking fun at Age Of Ultron.



And because any work you were doing can wait, other hits from the team include...

Making American Idol listenable...


The song that should have been on The Hunger Games soundtrack...

Making the NFL entertaining...


Russian Unicorn...

Similiar to Obsidiots in that BLR didn't just redub a Michael Buble song but wrote an entirely new song.

A song so good that they won a fan in Buble himself.


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