In your face, Chris Pratt!

You would think that someone looking to be the star of Jurassic World would know their dinosaurs.

Ba able to tell their Astrodon from their Elopteryx, right?

Chris Pratt obviously didn't get the memo.

The hunky actor, 35, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and faced off a six-year-old named Noah Ritter in a game of “Dino Wrong or Dino Right?”

Ritter is a YouTube star otherwise known as The Apparently Kid, thanks to the his interview on a local news channel going viral.

It quickly became very clear that Pratt isn't up to speed about his dino facts, and lost to his chubby-cheeked competitor 5 to 2.

Ritter couldn't contain his excitement at his winning streak. At one point he even added insult to injury, yelling at Pratt, "In your face!"

The tyke clearly knew his stuff, right down to the fact that pterodactyls are not dinosaurs, but rather flying reptiles.

Pratt was proved he was not a (dino) sore loser and raised the pint-sized contender's arm aloft to hail him the champ.

It may be time for the former Parks And Recreation star to start brushing up on his dino knowledge before his Jurassic World promotion tour hits full speed.


Jurassic World, also starring Bryce Dallas Howard, opens here June 11.

Source: The Wrap, Entertainment Weekly



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