7 reasons why you should watch adorable YouTube couple Us The Duo live + giveaway!

They may be the most adorable couple on YouTube. 

US music group Us the Duo, comprising of married couple Michael Alvarado and Filipino-American Carissa Rae, is set to perform at the Kallang Theatre in Singapore on Dec 10.

The pair will also be performing free for the public on Dec 6 at ION Orchard level 1 Atrium. 

Good news - we're giving away a pair of tickets to their Kallang Theatre show! Click here for contest. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should catch them: 

1.  Their story

Their love story reads like a modern day fairytale.  

The couple, both solo artists from opposite sides of the country, unexpectedly crossed paths in Jan 2011.

Michael was driving with his roommate from North Carolina to Los Angeles when he found himself invited as an 'extra' to a music video shoot in a house at Riverside. 

There, he met the love of his life, Carissa. 

Both began dating in April and tied the knot a year later.    

2. Superb #6secondcovers   







After garnering over 18 million views and over 300,000 subscribers while promoting their album No Matter Where You Are on YouTube, the couple took to Vine where they experimented on six-second covers.

These bite-sized medleys, filmed with only half their faces showing, proved to be a huge hit. 

"We were going to film one night and we were trying to make a Vine cause we had an album out and we were like 'We need to market this album soon.' So we thought let’s make a Vine, we’ve never made a Vine before, and she looks at me and she’s like, 'Michael, I’m in my jammies,'" Michael told Good Morning America.

"I have no makeup on, I’m not presentable. I look crazy without it," added Carissa.

"I was like 'okay, okay, let’s meet halfway. This is marriage, let’s compromise,'" he said.

"How about we film a Vine without showing your eyes?' She gladly agreed. And we made our first singing Vine together and it came out very nice," said Michael.

3. Social media success

Numbers never lie.

When the duo began uploading #6secondcovers on their Vine account in Nov 2013, they had around 4,000 followers.

Since then, their follower count has increased to an amazing 4.2 million. 

The duo has also chalked up nearly 600,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, where they feature some of their brilliantly coordinated covers.  


4. Their latest "Top Hits of 2014 in 2.5 Minutes" video reached more than 500,000 views under 24 hours   



Enough said. 

5.Their song lyrics will tug at your heartstrings

The couple's songs touch on feelings of newfound love, hardships of long distance relationships and the beauty in waiting for "the one".

6. The first Vine artists signed by a major label 


After gaining fame on Vine and YouTube, the duo were signed by Republic Records in March, making them the first Vine artists to clinch a major label deal.

The signing also provided aspiring musicians an additional platform through Vine, as an outlet for potential talent discovery.       . 

7. They truly love their fans... especially in Singapore




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Performing in Singapore was beautiful.. Might just have to come back soon!





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