Could this be the most annoying thing you see today? Justin Bieber and other stars lip sync Carly Rae Jepsen's hit

It's all about the lip sync battles these days. 

Anne Hathaway did her best Miley Cyrus imitation by expertly jumping onto a wrecking ball.


Then Emily Blunt impressed with her down-and-dirty version of Blackstreet's No Diggity.


Blunt originated the game with husband John Krasinski, which then took off in the US thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

His chat show featured talents like Paul Rudd And Emma Stone dramatically mouthing classic tunes.




And now there is Justin Bieber.

If you're going to lip sync to a famous song, you better do it well.

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber didn't get that particular memo. Then again, he seems to miss many memos on how to do things properly.

He has uploaded a video featuring other stars like Ariana Grande, Nsync's Lance Bass and Kendall Jenner  all lip-syncing Carly Rae Jepsen's really, really infectious single, I Really Like You.

Of course the actual music video has everyone's favourite uncle Tom Hanks miming up a storm in a thoroughly adorable way.



In Bieber's low-quality video (surely he can afford a better camera?), he prances around with these other stars while half-naked.

He poses and larks around in that annoying, faux-goofy way. With Grande, Bass and Jenner, the whole thing is a perfect storm of "urgh".

Do you really, really,really like it or did it really, really, really annoy you?

Source: Rolling Stone


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