11 questions S'poreans are dying to ask PM Lee: Local affairs, why's ice cream so expensive and... can we be friends?

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When faced with the opportunity to ask Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong questions, Singaporeans really went at it.

They were asked to submit questions for the Channel NewsAsia (CNA) live TV special tonight, Ask the Prime Minister, via online media like Twitter, using  #askpmlee.

And it appears that Singaporeans are concerned about a wide range of issues - from local affairs to foreign talent like Liverpool's new signing Mario Balotelli. We pick up some of the better questions (Face it - these questions are not likely to be given much airtime).

1. Some wondered about the sincerity of PM Lee's statement at the National Day Rally last month that advised Singaporeans not to go on a paper chase.


2. One was curious about PM Lee's shopping habits.


3. The good people at Sgag were concerned about our history.

Majulah Tempura? Who else is glad that Sang Nila Utama did not see a prawn?


4. This Singaporean was concerned about inflation of the things that really matter.


5. Blogger Mr Brown raised the question that's been on everyone's mind.


6. Some mistook #askpmlee for #auntagony


7. But that's not as bad as a Taylor Swift fan thinking that PM Lee is actually Santa Claus.


8. I guess it's easy to think that PM Lee has ALL the answers... 


9. Others want to enjoy a closer relationship with the prime minister.


10. Some Singaporeans chose to ask PM Lee the really tough questions. How to decide between McDonalds and KFC? 


11. What's more important than local affairs? The English Premier League of course.


Source: Twitter

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