11 reasons why the Hong Kong protesters are very polite, charming people

The landmark Hong Kong protests are still growing strong with more supporters turning up on China's National Day, a public holiday.

But despite thousands of protesters congesting streets and blocking traffic, various international media have been calling the demonstrations the most organised and polite protests ever.

In fact, photos have appeared on social media depicting Hong Kongers as utterly charming and civic-minded.

Here are seven reasons why:

1) The students at the protests make sure to devote some time to completing​ their homework. 


2) First aid takes priority over luxury.


3) Protesting can take a toll on your personal hygiene. But don't worry, some people have got you covered.


4) Arts and crafts at a protest? Yes, these kids are making the yellow ribbons, the symbol of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong that many locals have adopted.


5) Another word for protest? "Public meeting."


6) They even apologise for the way they are fighting for democracy.


7) People are picking up after themselves - and others.



8) This might be one of the most important protests that they will ever participate in - but that doesn't leave recycling out of the equation.


9) They are very creative. Just look at how they have been projecting international voices of support.


10) They even have celebrity endorsement (kind of).


11) Let's just have another look at their recycling efforts.

Source: BBC, Quartz


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