12 days later, man reunited with dog that car thieves had taken

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Man and best friend, a Jack Russel Terrier, have been reunited after the dog was abducted by car thieves on July 30.

Gursharan Singh left his car outside a bank in Sungai Buloh to deposit some cheques. The car thieves then drove the vehicle off with the dog inside.

Since then, he hasn't been able to sleep. Not because of the lost Mitsubishi Triton - all he wanted was Pixie back.

Well now he can sleep peacefully after a resident in Setapak found Pixie.

Dog found covered in mud

Pixie was found wandering along a roadside covered in mud.

When the resident, P. Vidya called him to let him know they found Pixie, Gursharan could not believe it.

He had already prepared for the worst since Pixie had been missing for 12 days. Even friends and family told him to accept that a small dog simply could not have survived on its own.

Vidya then shared photos of the dog she found with Gursharan to make sure she was the right dog.

"I immediately recognised the markings on her body," he said.


When they finally reunited, he was completely ecstatic.

He said Pixie was not hurt but is adjusting to being home.

"I am sure Pixie would have a lot to say if she could talk," said Gursharan.

This is an update to a previous report.

Source: The Star Online