13 years later, woman finds owner of wedding photo found on Ground Zero on Sept 11

​On the day of the brutal September 11 terror attacks in New York City, a wedding photo was found in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

A few months later, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, a college professor, came to "inherit" the photo from her friend.

And since then, for the past 13 years, Keefe has tried looking for the owner of the photo by posting on social media on the anniversary of the attacks.

This year was no different.



However, unlike previous years, the reaction was different.

Her tweet garnered more than 77,000 retweets and was written about on several media outlets.

And after the word spread like wildfire on social media, Keefer finally found the owner of the photo.



Fred Mahe was a guest at the wedding of Christine and Christian Loredo. Mahe is the man facing the camera in the water. 

Fortunately, everyone in the photo is alive and well.



He contacted Keefe on Friday on LinkedIn after a coworker sent him a story about the photo.

Mahe said that he was still on his way to work when the attack started and the photo, which was taken a few months earlier, was tacked to his cubical wall.

He told ABC News that Keefe exemplifies the "best of humanity" as she managed to be so persistent for so long in looking for the owners of the photograph.

"The story is Elizabeth, the story is persistence and trying to help someone she didn't even know," said Mahe.

The two will meet in New York City on Monday.



Source: ABC News, Mirror Online

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