2 women jailed for making and selling sex videos through WeChat in China

Two women who made numerous sex tapes for sale on WeChat messaging platform have been sentenced to serve jail time, said Jinshan District Prosecutors over the weekend.

Between February and March, the two women, Wang Li and Li Hong, earned a combined 18,000 yuan (S$3,811) from making pornographic content in their shared home in Shanghai.

Wang made 14,000 yuan after making 26 videos and selling them to 75 customers, while Li made 4,000 yuan after making 10 videos and selling them to 29 customers.

Police were informed about the women's infractions in March.

The pair was arrested on March 24.

Life-long membership

 A customer said he added Wang on WeChat friend after watching one of her videos.

The customer was told by Wang to pay "life-long membership" for access to all her clips. 

He paid 688 yuan and was sent six videos.  

Jinshan District prosecutors have convicted the pair for making and distributing pornography.

Wang and Li were sentenced to 10 months' jail and a four-month suspended sentence respectively. 

Wang also received a 6,000 yuan fine while Li copped a 2,000 yuan fine. 

Source: Shanghaiist, Shanghai Daily