3 men arrested for allegedly attempting to sell fake gold ingots

Three men aged between 37 and 44 from China were arrested yesterday (Nov 25) for attempting to cheat by selling fake gold ingots.

They were arrested six hours after a man in his 60s filed a police report, after being approached by two men claiming to have found gold ingots while excavating the ground at an unknown site in Singapore. 

The pair had shown him a gold ingot, along with what they claimed was an old document that could be used to authenticate the ingot with any goldsmith shop. 

The suspects, who offered the fake gold ingots at an attractive price, left after negotiating and told the victim to consider the offer.   

Unsure if the deal was legitimate, the victim alerted the police, who later detained and arrested the two culprits. 


Following further investigations, police arrested another accomplice and seized other items, including over 200 pieces of mini gold-coloured ingots, a piece of paper written in Chinese and six yellow gold-coloured mini Buddha statues.

Investigations are still ongoing. 

The suspects will be charged in court tomorrow (Nov 27) for attempted cheating.

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