For $3,000, you could take a 'zero gravity' flight in S'pore next year

Interested in experiencing zero gravity?

Swiss company, S3 ZeroG, is offering flights that allow participants to experience being weightless.

The company is launching a whole series of flights around Asia in 2015 and the best part is, that flights from Singapore are pencilled in for two weekends, Feb 28 to Mar 1 and Mar 7 to 8.

How does it work?

Participants on the flight will experience weightlessness when their plane, flying at about 7.3km high, soars at a 45-degree angle to a height of about 10km before plunging back to the height of 7.3km. All in about one minute.

According to the website, they will be weightless for about 20-25 seconds.

If you think that sounds like a short time, don't worry they will perform the manoeuvre about 15 times during the 90-​minute flight.

The result will be something similar to this.

How much?

Prepare to wince: It's a pretty heavy price to pay for a "light" experience. 

The cheapest tickets, the 40 people "Party Zone" will cost 2,000 euros (S$3,290) each while the 28 people "Premium Zone" will cost 5,000 euros (S$8,240) each.

If you happened to have just struck 4-​D, you can book the 12 people "VIP room" for a minimum fee of 50,000 euros (S$82,370).

While it is pretty expensive for what is basically a flight to nowhere, the experience though, will definitely be priceless.

Source: S3 ZeroG

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