39 workers arrested for torching M'sia factory

Malaysia police arrested 39 Nepalese workers on Tuesday following a riot and a fire at an electronics manufacturing factory in Johor.

Around 1,000 foreign workers had gathered outside their company's plant in Kulaijaya on Tuesday claiming they had been mistreated at their work place.

While some dispersed at the sight of the police, many remained at the scene.

Kulaijaya Deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Mohad Idris Samsuri told The Star on Wednesday: "Some 60 per cent of those who gathered there were Nepalese nationals and the 39 were arrested after they turned violent and refused to listen to the police when told to leave the area."

Threw stones

He said the workers were arrested after they set fire to the plant at the Kelapa Sawit industrial area.

The group also set fire to a car owned by their employer and threw stones at the management office.

The plant's general manager confirmed the plant was not in operation on Wednesday due to the incident the day before.

This is a follow-up to yesterday's report on the strike.

Source: The Star