7 arrested, 1.6kg of heroin seized during CNB raid

The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) arrested 7 suspected drug offenders, including two suspected drug traffickers, on Nov 10 and Nov 11.

During the operation, officers seized 1.6kg of heroin.

The drugs seized during the operation is estimated to be worth more than S$118,000.   

On the night of Nov 10, officers conducted a raid on the hideout of a suspected drug trafficker at a flat in Lower Delta Road.

A female Singaporean, 41, who was not the suspected drug trafficker, was arrested in the unit.

Various drug paraphernalia were seized, including an improvised drug-smoking apparatus.

Traffickers arrested  

The suspected drug trafficker, a 34-year-old female Singaporean, and a 29-year-old male, were immediately arrested upon returning to the unit in the early hours of Nov 11.

From a sling bag carried by the female suspect, officers recovered a total of about 630g of heroin and 42g of ‘Ice’, 23 Erimin-5 tablets, cash of more than S$4,200 and a digital weighing scale. 

Two others, suspected of being clients of the trafficker, were apprehended by CNB officers around Lower Delta Road and Woodlands Drive. 

Small amounts of heroin and various drug paraphernalia were recovered from the two suspects, both men, aged 37 and 49. 

Drug supplier's hideout

CNB officers also raided a unit in Sims Drive suspected to be the drug supplier's hideout.

From the hideout, officers recovered a total of about 970g of heroin. 

The suspected drug supplier, a 34-year-old male, and a 21-year-old female were both arrested. 

Investigations are still ongoing.

The Misuse of Drugs Act warrants the death penalty if the amount of diamorphine (pure heroin) trafficked exceeds 15g.