9 men die after drinking alcohol mixed with mosquito repellent in Indonesia

Nine Indonesian men have died after consuming alcohol mixed with mosquito repellent and energy drinks, police said on Monday (March 30).

The men bought the drinks on the streets in the city of Prabumulih on Sumatra island on Thursday (March 26).

They were admitted to hospitals after falling ill, local police spokesman Djarod Padakova told AFP.

All nine died between Friday (March 27) and Sunday (March 29).

A 10th man who had also drunk the tainted alcohol survived.

Media reports said the alcohol was a local brand of gin.

There have been many previous cases where people have died after consuming contaminated drinks in Indonesia.

Last year, 16 people died after drinking tainted alcohol while celebrating on New Year’s Eve.

The small proportion of those who consume alcohol in Muslim-majority Indonesia sometimes opt for cheap drinks bought on the street because legally produced alcohol is heavily taxed and much is imported.

Source: AFP