90-year old man arrested in Florida. His crime: Feeding the poor

It's a controversial move that has sparked outcry on social media.

Police in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida arrested and charged Arnold Abbott,90, and two ministers for feeding the homeless in public.

The incident happened on Sunday (Nov 2).

The crime occurred because the city recently passed a law which basically outlaws feeding the homeless in public, reported local news outlet, KHON2.



The arrest drew widespread condemnation on social media. 






News reports described the 90-year-old as a "homeless advocate". It turns out he has been preparing "hundreds" of meals for the homeless.

 Now his regular good deed could see him jailed and fined US$500 (S$644).

The Mayor's response?

 “We enforce the laws here in Ft. Lauderdale.”

Abbott is not going to stop though. He said he is going to continue feeding the poor - handcuffs or not. 

Source: KOHN2