About 100 animals rescued after police raid foul-smelling bungalow in Selangor

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More than 100 animals were rescued from an unkempt bungalow in Subang, Selangor, in what is described as the "biggest and worst case of animal abuse" in Malaysia. 

On Sunday (Dec 14), police along with members of Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue combed the alleged illegal animal breeding facility and found animals cooped up in enclosed cages.

The yard was reeking of faeces.

80 dogs, three cats, two geese, few birds and chickens and a gibbon were found. 

Some of the animals were restrained while others were found in cages.    

In addition to the odour, the compound was also found littered with different kinds of vehicle parts.   

Worst case

"This is the biggest and worst case I have dealt with because there are so many animals involved," said president of the animal rights group Puspa Rani.

She said: "I have seen illegal breeders with around 20 dogs or so. But I’ve never heard of one of this scale.

"Some have open wounds while others can’t walk. Some are blind. Many are also severely malnourished, with several not having food or clean water. They need urgent treatment."

Ms Puspa alerted police after she was was notified of the compound through a Facebook tip-off.

Protected species

"The monkey is a protected species and I suspect some birds are as well," she said, claiming that the bungalow's 52-year-old owner was keeping some protected species of animals.  

Animal abusers in Malaysia can receive a jail term of not more than a year or a fine of RM50,000 (S$18,700).

Keeping protected species without a valid licence warrants a fine of not more than RM50,000, a jail term of up to two years, or both.



Source: The Star Online




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