This abusive "Mama" cannot be charged

This article is more than 12 months old

Mexico will not prosecute the elderly director of a shelter, where more than 400 children were rescued after they suffered physical and sexual abuse.

Justice Minister Jesus Murillo Karam said that Rosa Verduzco, better known as "Mama Rosa," (below) has senile dementia and cannot be tried.

Police had raided the home, known as La Gran Familia, last week after reports that five kidnapped children were being held there.

What they found instead was even more shocking: More than 400 children and 200 adults living amid large piles of rotting food and trash in the shelter, the LA Times reported.

They slept in the company of rats and insects.

Other horror stories included children being forced to perform oral sex on adults.

"Mama Rosa" founded the shelter some 60 years ago. She was hospitalised due to hypertension and kept under police guard, pending charges after the raid.

By late Saturday, all charges were dropped and she was allowed to go free.

Local media reported that six of the eight workers who had been arrested with her were jailed.

The six are now in detention awaiting trial and two were freed.

Sources: AFP, LA Times