Afghanistan’s Romeo and Juliet fear for their lives after eloping

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They grew up on neighbouring farms in Afghanistan.

Mr Mohammad Ali, 21, and Ms Zakia, 18, fell in love, but they are from different ethnic groups.

Her family refused to approve their marriage.

So the young couple, dubbed “Afghanistan’s Romeo and Juliet”, eloped.

They still need round-the-clock protection because they fear they may be attacked by those opposed to their marriage, Mail Online reported.

They were so fearful of Ms Zakia’s family’s reaction that they even had their honeymoon in hiding. They moved from house to house and even slept in caves.

Shame on the family 

Her parents were reportedly angered that Ms Zakia, an ethnic Tajik and a Sunni Muslim, would bring shame on the family by marrying Mr Mohammad Ali, an ethnic Hazara and Shia. 

He was arrested for “kidnapping” Ms Zakia, but after a high-profile case he was acquitted of the charges. 

The couple now live with his extended family.

His father who initially opposed the marriage now supports the union.

“I witnessed my sons’ suffering. Ms Zakia’s family are still threatening us,” his father told the BBC.

But Ms Zakia’s father told the media all he wants is for his daughter to return.

The couple are not convinced, and Mr Mohammed Ali’s father and brothers take turns patrolling outside their room at night to protect them from the alleged death threats.  

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Source: Mail Online, BBC


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