Air Asia flight turns back after experiencing "technical difficulties"

A separate Air Asia flight had to turn back after experiencing technical difficulties. 

Air Asia flight AK6242 had to return to Penang International Airport at 4.30pm on Sunday (Dec 28) just 10 minutes after taking off reported the New Straits Times.

It was en route to Langkawi.

A passenger on the flight, Subash Elangovan, told New Straits Times that the pilot announced that the flight had experienced technical difficulties and that it was going to turn back to Penang International airport. 

Flight path of AK6242

While it is unknown what was the technical difficulties, the flight then took off again at 6pm and landed at Langkawi International Airport at 6.47 pm

Flight status of Air Asia flight AK 6242. Photo Screengrab/ Langkawi

Earlier today, An Indonesia Air Asia flight, QZ8501, went missing after taking off from Surabaya at 5.35am in the morning (West Indonesia time). It was en route to Singapore.

Source: New Straits Times, Langkawi Airport

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