Allergic reaction: Doc fined $10,000

A general practitioner offering aesthetic treatments has been fined and censured for professional misconduct by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC).

Dr Kevin Teh, 40, formerly of the Singapore Lipo, Body and Face Centre, was guilty of "wilful neglect" by prescribing to a patient a drug containing Amoxycillin, to which the patient was allergic.

The SMC disciplinary committee said Dr Teh had "failed to act in the best interests of the patient", who suffered damage to his hand.

The doctor had also failed to tell the patient that he was about to administer another drug to treat the allergic reaction, during the liposuction procedure in 2009.

The committee also found that Dr Teh, 40, had tampered with the case notes as part of an attempted "cover-up and plan to divert the blame to the nurses".

He was fined $10,000. The SMC also ordered him to pay 70 per cent of the legal and disciplinary costs and give a written undertaking that he would abstain from such conduct in future.

Two other charges brought against Dr Teh were dismissed.