Amazon order mix-up is Christmas bonanza for Briton

Christmas came early for one British student who received 46 items worth 4,500 euros (S$7,300) through Amazon by mistake.

He was allowed to hold on to them, the online retail giant said on Tuesday.

Engineering student Robert Quinn, 22, featured in The Sun, Britain’s top-selling tabloid, with a selection of the items including a 3D television, several tablets, a games console and even a radiator.

The items were returns being sent to an Amazon depot but were instead dispatched by mistake to his home address in Bromley, a suburb of London.

He told The Sun: “I told them I have a moral issue if people sending this stuff back end up losing out. But Amazon assured me that would not happen.”

The 22-year-old added he would give some of the items to charity and sell off others to raise money to invest in a small business that he is setting up.

Contacted by AFP, an Amazon spokesman said: “This matter has now been resolved and I can confirm that on this occasion the customer has been informed that he can keep the items that were delivered.”

Source: AFP