Arsene Wenger sends letter to amputee sailor Jason Chee

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Singaporean Jason Chee, who lost three limbs in a naval accident but won an ASEAN Para Games medal just over a year later has described his joy at receiving a letter of support from Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

Mr Chee, a “die-hard” fan of the English Premier League football club, said he was “super surprised and super happy” to get the letter from Wenger.




The 31-year-old lost both legs, his left arm and three fingers on his right hand after he was caught between a berthing rope and motorised winch on a navy vessel in December 2012.

But in January, just 13 months later, he won a bronze medal in table tennis at Southeast Asia’s ASEAN Para Games in Myanmar.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger sent a letter of support to die-hard Arsenal fan Jason Chee.

In the letter, Wenger said he had recently been informed of Mr Chee’s injuries.

“I am very sorry to hear this and on behalf of everyone at Arsenal Football Club I send you best wishes,” the Arsenal boss wrote.

“I have also been told you are an avid Arsenal supporter. We are extremely grateful for this,” he added.




Mr Chee posted pictures of the letter and a photograph of the North London club’s first team, with autographs, on his Facebook page.

He said he is a huge fan of club legends Thierry Henry, Marc Overmars as well as recent signing Alexis Sanchez.

“Wishing Arsenal Football Team every success!!! Hope to see my Arsenal...visit Singapore one day!!!” wrote Mr Chee.

Source: AFP