Baby born after pregnant Hong Kong woman killed by falling tree

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Doctors conducted an emergency caesarian to deliver the baby of a pregnant woman who was killed by a falling tree in Hong Kong on Thursday.

The tree struck the woman, knocking her unconscious, at around 2.30pm in the wealthy Mid-Levels neighbourhood, local media reported.

The pregnant woman, who was identified by police as a 37-year-old Hong Kong resident surnamed Zhang, was rushed to hospital but certified dead on arrival.

Her baby remains in critical condition. 

“The mother was certified dead. The baby is still in the intensive care unit and the condition is critical,” a Hospital Authority spokesman told AFP.

Witnesses said people at the scene helped lift the tree off the mother who had sustained injuries to her head.

Lifted the tree

“The people at the nearby bus station were saying that there seemed to be someone crushed by the tree, so a few of them walked there and lifted the tree to find a pregnant lady there, she was not moving,” a witness only identified by his surname Lee told Cable TV News.

In the last 24 hours, torrential downpour has dumped as much as 40cm of rain in Hong Kong.

Source: AFP



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