Baby gets stuck in a mop bucket

This article is more than 12 months old

This cute little baby climbed into a mop bucket on Tuesday and got stuck.

The 16-month-old needed a little help from firefighters to get out.

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue tweeted about the incident with the hashtag #imababygetmeoutofhere.



Baby Minnie Snodgrass had somehow got herself wedged in the bucket while her mother, Gemma, was doing household chores.

UK's The Star reported Mrs Snodgrass as saying: "I went upstairs to put some sheets on the bed and then I heard her brother Matthew shout: ‘Mum, Minnie’s stuck!’"

The Telegraph reported the 29-year-old mother as saying: "I picked up the bucket and was panicking when I couldn't get her out."

The family put Minnie in the backseat and drove to a nearby hospital.

Mrs Snodgrass filmed the unperturbed toddler bobbing along to music during the ride to the hospital.

The hospital called the fire department for help and four firefighters used bolt cutters to set Minnie free.

She was not hurt.

The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said it deals with 1,400 special service incidents such as Minnie's every year, reported The Yorkshire Post.​

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