Baby kidnapped in 1997 reunited with family after she attends same school as sister

This has been touted as South Africa's most sensational abduction saga.

If you were 17-year-old Zephany Nurse, who was the victim in this whole episode, would you be happy, sad or mad at how things turned out?

Okay so imagine if this dramatic real-life turn of events, as reported by the Daily Mail, had happened to you.

At just three days old, you were tucked cosily in your mother's arms.

While your mum slept in the hospital, you were kidnapped and raised by a woman whom you never knew wasn't your real mother.

One day, at school, your school-mates point out that you look exactly like Cassidy, another girl who just joined the school and is three years younger than you.

Cassidy, 14, immediately suspects you're her long-lost sister.

Her parents, who are also your parents, take one look at you and are sure you are their child.

You are subjected to DNA tests which confirm that you're their first-born who was kidnapped 17 years ago.

Then the only mother you have ever known, who is in her 50s, gets arrested and is charged with kidnapping, fraud and contravening sections of the Children Act in Cape Town, South Africa.

You are thrown into the care of the Department Of Social Services of the Western Cape Government. 

You didn't ask to be kidnapped, or to have the only family you have ever known to be taken away from you, nor did you do anything to justify you ending up alone in social services.

On the bright side, you have found your real family who were heartbroken when they lost you and have celebrated your birthday, in your absence, every year since with a big birthday cake.

So, if you were Zephany, how would you be feeling now?

Source: Daily Mail, Time Live