Baby who survived lightning strike has hair that stands

This article is more than 12 months old

This baby survived a lightning strike, and has the hair to prove it. 

One-year-old Kimberly Gordon's parents were struck by lightning a year ago in New Mexico when mother Kendra Villanueva was 38-weeks pregnant. 

She was rushed to hospital and Kimberly miraculously survived the emergency delivery, but continues to sport "static hair" a year later. 

Kimberly was delivered with hair that stood up. 

Father Ian Gordon dubbed his child "Flash Gordon" for her extraordinary survival.

"Everybody we've seen says it's a miracle she's alive," he said, reported KOAT-TV. 

"She's just kind of a play-it-by ear baby."

However, the "superhero" baby still cannot walk or talk, possibly a lingering effect of the neurological damage she suffered. 

Doctors also cannot explain why the child's hair is still static, reported Daily Mail. 

Her family calls her a miracle baby but Kimberly still cannot crawl nor talk. 

ABC News reported that between 1960 and 2002, there were only 11 reports of pregnant women getting struck by lightning. About half of the cases resulted in miscarriages. 

Mother Kendra Villaneuva said it was difficult to see her little girl in this condition. 

"It's hard seeing she can't eat like she's supposed to and can't have food yet, just through the [feeding] tube," she said.

"But other than that I'm glad she lived through it all."

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