Badly behaved Chinese tourists: 5 ways the Chinese government is trying to tackle the problem

Chinese tourists have been in the news for their appalling behaviour - including a Chinese woman throwing hot water at a stewardess. 

In another incident, 25 Chinese passengers were detained for opening the emergency exits before take-off after they were irritated their flight got delayed. 

It's become such a problem that the Chinese authorities have put out a list of measures they'll be taking to keep the bad behaviour in check. 

These are several measures they will be using to encourage tourists to behave better when they are overseas.

1) Records will be kept of tourists behaving badly

The head of China's National Tourism Administration, Li Jinzao, was reported to have said that these tourists would be noted down on record. They will be ranked on how badly they misbehave.

2) These tourists would also receive messages reminding them to act properly when they land at their destination

If they still choose to disobey, they will be punished.

3) Public shaming (ie Stomp)

Li has reportedly encouraged Chinese tourists to "Stomp" bad behaviour. Yes, he is asking them to take photos of video of anyone who acts in an embarrassing manner. When the evidence is passed on to the authorities, it would be publicised.

4) Bad Panda videos to show Chinese tourists what not to do abroad



China's state-run channel, China Central Television, ran this ad last year to tell tourists what not to do - like urinating in public, throwing trash... and photobombing locals.

5) China's first tourism law was implemented in 2013

It is officially illegal to to behave badly and Chinese tourists are legally bound to respect the local traditions and customs of countries they are visiting. 

Source: Washington Post, Xinhua

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