Balotelli now wants access to his daughter

This article is more than 12 months old

Initially, he said he has nothing to do with the baby.

Now AC Milan and Italian striker Mario Balotelli is fighting with her former girlfriend for the right to visit their child, Pia.

The child is now 18 months old.

Balotelli did not acknowledge the paternity until February when the DNA test result was released, Mail Online reported.

He was allowed to hold her for the first time only a month ago in a Naples court, after the judge granted special permission.

Balotelli and Miss Raffaella Fico attended a private hearing at a court in Brescia, near Milan, to discuss how often he will be able to visit his daughter.

The former Manchester City player is in a turbulent on-off relationship with Belgian model Fanny Neguesha.

Source: Mail Online