‘Batkid Begins’ film to celebrate 6-year-old cancer survivor

You may not recognize his boy’s name, Miles Scott. But you will likely recall his heroic identity - Batkid.

After all, he captured the heart of San Francisco and the rest of the world when he took on this "secret identity".

Miles, the fighter who had lived about half his life with lymphoblastic leukemia, wanted to battle crime instead of cancer, even if only for a day. He wanted to be Batman’s sidekick.

“One of his doctors told us that with this disease, they just become like a fighter, you know – they have to be. They fight for life. And so I think he sees the good vs. evil battle in superheroes, and just relates to it,” said BatKid's father Nick Scott.

The Greater Bay Area chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation offered the Scott family of Tulelake, a few options to try to make Miles’s request a reality.

The foundation’s Patricia Wilson suggested that Miles, dressed in a mini-Batman costume, could help “save” the City by the Bay, which itself would be festooned a bit like Gotham for a series of staged adventures. 

On the day itself, about 25,000 people lined the streets of San Francisco.

Word of this emotional day spread — including tweets from celebrities and the White House — till nearly 2-billion people had witnessed the heroics of Batkid.

Soon, filmmaker Dana Nachman knew the subject of her next documentary.

A crowd-funded film titled Batkid Begins.

The month after Batkid Saved Gotham, Nachman met with some of the people who helped make the day happen.

Make-A-Wish put the award-winning documentarian in touch with Miles’s parents, Nick and Natalie Scott, who quickly agreed to the project.

The foundation told her they had three cameras and three Go-Pro's that they had used on the day.

The filmmaker now knew she could make this documentary relatively inexpensively, relying a good deal on “found” footage from the crowd that was there. She set the financial goal of her Indiegogo campaign at US$100,000 (S$124,400) which has now climbed to US$104,000(S$130,000).

Photos: Liza Meak/YouTube

“Watching San Francisco come together to cheer on Batkid was truly an incredible moment,” Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin tells The Post’s Comic Riffs. “It’s exciting to see the crowd join forces once again, this time on Indiegogo, to make the Batkid documentary happen.” - Washington Post