Become a millionaire without lifting a finger?

This article is more than 12 months old

A Chinese man claiming to be a successful "businessman" boasts that he can create millionaires. But of course, he'll help you become one only after you've parted with your money. 

Giant billboards on the Penang Bridge proclaim to passing motorists that he, Zhang Jian, is the "future's richest man in the world". Other ads by the company on the Internet say that they can help people earn big money, become millionaires and drive fancy cars without doing any work - except part with some of their own money first. 

For an "investment" of RM300 ($120), the company claims investors will get a return of RM2,700 ($1,080) to RM6,800 ($2,720) a month.

Malaysian police believe that there may be criminal activity in the company's scheme.

The Star in Malaysia reported that the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia said the company has been banned in China and its 26-year-old founder has been hauled up by China police five times. The founder has since fled to Malaysia and online netizens claim that the founder changed his name from Yun Shu Mao to Zhang Jian. 

The Star's check on several Chinese websites also showed netizens abuzz with the suspicious company's fraudulent activities there, with police detaining as many 33 people from 8 provinces. Multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes in China are illegal in China. 

In Malaysia, it is believed that as many 10,000 people have lost RM20 million ($8 million) from the get-rich-quick scheme that some news portals have linked to a Chinese national in his mid-20s. 

Do not be fooled. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. 


Souce: The Star