Beer in class? US college offering students to take a minor in craft beer

​Beer in class? Ah, that's the dream isn't it.

But that will become a reality for some students at Paul Smith's College in New York.

Earlier this month, the college announced that it is offering a minor in craft-brewing

Mr Joe Conto, the school's director of the Hospitality, Resort and Tourism, food courses realised that the ever popular craft beer was taking up more time in the food courses he was teaching.

He said: "It became more and more interesting to the students, certainly, but to me as well.

"And then I realised... I could teach a course just on beer."

Students in the programme take a course on marketing, a course on food chemistry, a practical brewing lab, and a course on the business of craft beer along with other elective courses on the food and beverage industry.

But if parents are worried that this minor is just an excuse to get drunk, Mr Conto says otherwise.

He said: "I haven't had anybody come to me with the idea that they want to take this so they can drink beer. 

"They don't need me to drink beer. They can do that on their own."

Source: The Atlantic

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