Blog with photos of women's hairy legs takes social media by storm

This article is more than 12 months old

Women, be proud of your hairy legs.

That's the message Tumblr blog Hairy Legs Club is trying to put out.

The blog encourages women to submit photos of their unshaven legs and posts positive comments about them.

Huffington Post reported that the site has taken social media by storm, with hundreds of posts by women making a statement against the ideas of beauty​ prevalent in today's media.

Some of the posts on the blog.

"Two years ago, I told my boyfriend that I no longer wanted to shave, wax or do anything to my legs that make them itch, swell or hurt. He was more supportive of the idea than I was at the time. He told me I should be able to wear what I want without having to remove my leg hair, but I was still afraid of how others might see me. Now I’m learning to care less about what others might think by caring more about what I think."

 In women’s magazines I read articles on how to work your curves, how all skin colours are beautiful, how all women are beautiful, and on the next page I see a wax hair removal guide. I don’t read women’s magazines anymore.

My own family wants to help me remove my hair and my sibling looks repulsed at me should I briefly not cover my hair. Should anyone engage in unintentional contact with them they place themselves far from my legs. 

When I got to secondary school, I was called ‘hairy lairy’. I was made to feel like a freak and nobody ever said ‘ignore them’: it was just common understanding that I was a bit weird because I was the little hairy girl.

I am still very conscious of my hair, but I like to keep most of it. I don’t see why I should have to change my own body to please other people. I’m really pleased that people here are so positive about what is, after all, a very natural condition. A bit of confidence is what we need, and this is a wonderful start. Thank you for sharing your stories.

This comes on the back of other campaigns encouraging women to embrace natural beauty - no make-up, no Photoshop, etc.

Vanessa Hudgens, for example, has been praised for eschewing Photoshop in her recent photos for Bongo Campaign.

In March, no make-up selfies were used to raise fund for Cancer Research UK.

We're thinking, what about a hairy armpits campaign next?

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