Bomb threat made against AirAsia plane flying to Phuket

A bomb threat was made against an AirAsia plane travelling from Bangkok to Phuket on Tuesday, the airline said.

In a statement to The Star Online on Thursday, the company said: "We confirm there was a bomb threat against AirAsia Flight FD3003 on 26th August as reported and we have fully-co-operated with the Airport Authority of Thailand who handled the case."

The plane, which was carrying 167 passengers, 4 crew members and 2 pilots, landed safely at the Phuket International Airport at 12.15pm on Tuesday. 

'Intended to stir confusion'

Thai airport authorities said the Phuket airport received a phone call about a bomb threat against AirAsia Flight FD 3003 after it took off from Bangkok at 10.55am.

It said in a statement: "AoT (Airport Authority of Thailand) then proceeded to enact its emergency procedures by designating an isolated parking area for the flight and dispatching relevant agents to receive the aircraft."

Authorities, however, did not find any suspicious objects during its investigation.

"Initial checks have led authorities to believe the bomb threat was intended to stir confusion and harass travellers."

"The AoT has launched a full investigation into the matter,” said the statement.

Source: The Star