Boy, 14, and girl, 12, tried to steal baby from mother in Toronto

A 14-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl were charged on Friday with assaulting a mother and trying to steal her baby in a random attack on a Toronto street, police said.

Inspector Art Little of the Toronto Police Service in Canada called it a “unique” and “shocking” crime.

“This is a very alarming situation... (and) a major cause for concern”, given the obvious vulnerability of the victim and the very young age of her alleged assailants, he said at a nationally-televised press conference.

The mother was carrying her 21-month-old infant as she walked from a subway station to her parents’ home in a quiet residential neighbourhood late on Thursday, when she was attacked from behind.

Fought to get the baby back

The suspects allegedly “punched and kicked her, knocked her to the ground and demanded her valuables, cash, phone, and her baby,” said the police inspector.

"They continued to kick and punch her without any regard for the safety of the infant in her arms. At one point they even managed to take the infant from her grasp. She fought back and was able to get her baby back," he said.

The two teenagers, who are also suspects in an earlier purse-snatching incident, were arrested nearby in a police sweep.

The mother and baby were treated in hospital for bruises and emotional trauma.

Source: AFP