Boy, 4, drowns after falling into manhole at Penang school

Law Bin Jian, 4, had been accompanying his mother, a helper at the school canteen, to work.

Then he went missing. His mother, Ling Zhu, frantically searched for the boy after realising he was gone.

Then she spotted one of his slippers inside an exposed manhole which was filled with water.

Madam Ling immediately jumped into the manhole and pulled her son out, but he was pronounced dead.

Allocate funds for repair

Bin Jian was the fourth of five siblings and usually went with his mother to her work.

Police have confirmed the incident.

Chairman of the school’s board of management Chow Liong said he was deeply saddened by the incident and urged authorities to allocate funds to the school to carry out repair work.

Source: The Star Online