Boy, 5, falls 13 storeys to his death after being left alone in new home

The family had only been living at the new apartment for a month when tragedy struck.

Five-year-old Muhammad Alif Hamizan Abdul Khalid, is believed to have fallen 13 storeys after trying to watch his grandmother take his sister to school in the early hours of Tuesday (Jan 20).

The boy was believed to be home alone at the time. The balcony window grille was not locked. 

His body was discovered by residents of the apartment block in Penang, Malaysia at around 7.30am. 

"Everything happened so fast. His grandmother had just gone down about 10 minutes earlier. Shortly after, she was informed about the tragic incident," said the boy’s uncle, Mohd Razeen Hamzah, 33.

A police spokesman said the boy was believed to still be asleep when his grandmother and sister left the apartment.  

He added that the boy's mother worked at a factory while his father was self-employed and out of town when the incident happened.  

Source: The Star Online