Boy, 5, with rare heart condition has own version of ice bucket challenge

Ice bucket challenge is all the rage on Internet.

But a five-year-old boy from Leicestershire, England, has done his own version of the challenge.

And the video has gone viral, Mail Online reported.

Albert Tansey, was born with half a heart. This rare condition means that getting even a cold could kill him.

His blood circulation is so bad that a chill would put dangerous pressure on his organs.

But Albert was determined to take part in the viral campaign that has gone global.

Alternative video

So his family made an alternative video. Albert’s older brother threw a bucket of bean bag filling over him and he appealed for people to join the donor register.

At the age of two, Albert had a heart attack and doctors had to use pioneering “hoover” technique to clear a clot.

Medics decided in April this year not to perform a third operation because his body wouldn’t cope with the surgery.

The kid is now waiting for a heart transplant.

Said his father Adam, 40, an insurance broker: “Albert is aware that he needs new heart and that’s heart-breaking. Because of his heart doesn’t work at full capacity we have to make sure that it isn’t put under any extra pressure.

“When you get cold your body has to work harder to warm you up and he just can’t take the strain.”

Source: Mail Online


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