Boy, 6, bravely runs into burning building to save crippled grandpa

A six-year-old boy in China heroically ran into a burning building in an attempt to rescue his crippled grandfather last week, according to Shanghaiist. 

Haiwen was on his way back from school when he noticed his home had caught fire.

Without thinking twice, the boy dashed inside, battling the blaze to find his grandfather. 

Inside, he found his grandfather lying on the ground with his clothing on fire. 

His grandfather instructed the boy to find help.

The boy, who by then had his face and hands badly burnt, raced outside in a frantic attempt to find help. 

Several bystanders raced into the building and pulled Haiwen's grandfather out to safety.

However, not long after, the grandfather succumbed to his injuries.  

Third degree burns

Haiwen was treated for third-degree burns to his face, neck, and both hands. 

His parents have yet to tell him about his grandfather, as they fear it may affect the boy's recovery.

Source: Shanghaiist, Tomo News