Boy, 6, dies after eating lollipop laced with rat poison

It was every parent's nightmare.

By the time the frantic dad found him, the six-year-old boy was already unconscious and bleeding.

Blood was oozing out of Xiao Li's eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.

He was taken to the hospital, where he died two days later.

Mirror UK and 9NewsChannelOfficial reported on Wedneday (Mar 10) that this horrific tragedy took place in Shandong, China. 

Xiao Li was captured on video sucking on a lollipop which he had found in his front yard and had unwrapped before placing it in his mouth.

The excited boy then went to play hide and seek with his friends but collapsed soon after.

Said his father Jin Hseuh, 45: "His friends told me that he was lying behind a bush where he had been hiding from them during a game.

"When I got there he was hardly breathing so I knew something terrible had happened."

Doctors at Jining Affilicated Medical School Hospital worked on saving him for two days but Xiao Li died as the poison had destroyed his internal organs.

Tests revealed that the lollipop had been coated with illegal rat poison which has been banned since 1984.

A police spokesman said they suspected foul play.

"We have checked the location of where the lollipop was in the family’s yard and we found a couple more.

"The only way they could have got there is if someone walked in and put them there as it is impossible to reach (the yard) from the road.

"And if they (the lollipops) had been thrown over the wall, they would have broken."

"We are looking into who would have a motive to do this and why."

WATCH: Video footage captures Xiao Li's last moments (in Mandarin)


Source: Mirror UK, YouTube/9NewsChannelOfficial