Boy discharged after docs remove 130 gun pellets from his face

The eight-year-old, surnamed Cai, was playing with his village neighbours in Anhui province, China, last month.

Then, a 13-year-old boy brought out a hunting gun that he had stolen from a neighbour.

Another child accidentally fired the gun, shooting hundreds of pellets into the boy's face.

The blast damaged the skin and muscle on the entire right side of little Cai's face, although his right eyeball was, luckily, left unharmed.

Removed nearly 130 pellets in face

Cai was rushed to the Shanghai No. 9 People's Hospital.

On August 20, doctors removed around 90 pellets from his face. After he recovered, doctors performed another operation to remove several more pellets on August 26.

Almost 130 pellets were removed in all.

Doctors said the boy is in stable condition and can swallow food now that all the wounds in his mouth have healed, Shanghai Daily reported.

He was discharged from hospital last week.

Previously, doctors said Cai faced a high risk of disfigurement. He will return to the hospital in three months, so his wounds can be checked and options for facial repair surgery can be discussed.

Sources: Shanghai Daily, Ecns News