Boy sells girlfriend to older man for $4,300

A 13-year-old girl thought she had met Mr Right when she decided to elope with a boy from her hometown in Zhejiang, China, according to China Press. 

But things took an unexpected twist when the girl, known as Zhao, was forced by the boy to marry an older man in his 40s. 

Her boyfriend had 'sold' her to the farmer for an alleged sum of 20,000 yuan (S$4,300) after they both fled their homes in 2013.

According to the source, the girl made nine attempts to escape from her husband but was unsuccessful. 

Police finally managed to track the girl down after more than a year of investigating. 

The girl's father had lodged a police report after Zhao's disappearance in 2013.  

He added that his daughter, who dropped out of school, had met the boy at a skating rink. 

Police have sentenced Zhao's boyfriend to four years in jail while the farmer has been detained to assist in investigations. 

Source: The Star Online