Boy whose eyes were gouged out is now back in school

It's been a long and painful journey for Guo Bin, or Binbin, as he's affectionately called.

No one can imagine the extent of the six-year-old's pain - when a woman believed to be his aunt gouged out his eyes.

The senseless act of cruelty happened in August last year.

His father recalled: "He was walking down the streets when someone just carried him away (and attacked him)."

"The person told him not to cry", Binbin's father said. "(The person told him) If you stop crying, I will also stop doing it to you."

Can he see again?

His parents eventually found him in a field, crying in pain, and rushed him to a hospital in China's Shanxi province. Unfortunately, doctors could not save the boy's sight.

The attacker later committed suicide.

BBC reported:

Guo Bin's operation to prepare for prosthetic eye implants began in September. A spokesman for his doctor Dennis Lam, who is volunteering his services for free, said at the time the boy would receive implants similar to artificial eyeballs to give volume to the eye in order to fit an eye shell.

After being fitted with prosthetic eyes and undergoing extensive therapy, Binbin is able to 'see' again.

He returned to a Wuhan-based primary school for the first time this week.

He now uses a magnetic electric device equipped with a mini video camera and a tongue monitor which allows him to perceive images.

The school, which specialises in training blind children, offered free tuition for Binbin. He made a speech on behalf of the students on the first day of school.

While he has accepted that his condition is permanent, his parents - especially his mother - struggle with guilt.

"If on that day, I had looked for him and found him earlier, then mayybe all this wouldn't have happened," she said.

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