Boyfriend caught cheating on girlfriend ... thanks to vacuum cleaner

A woman returned home after visiting her parents only to discover - through a vacuum cleaner - that her partner had cheated on her. 

"I’d spent a weekend away visiting my parents and when I returned I decided to give the house a good going over," said Nicola Lyon, from Woodford Green, London. 

"I was hoovering our bedroom when Henry started to overheat and shut off.​

"On closer inspection I could see it was jammed. I reached down to unpick the nozzle and I could see that it was choked with strands of long red hair – but I was light blonde," added the 21-year-old. 

Ms Lyon and her partner, Deron Yapp, 24, met after they were introduced by friends in 2008.

Two years later, Ms Lyon gave birth to their son, Riley.     

He was the one

"We fell head-over-heels for each other. We were inseparable – I really thought he was the one," she said. 

When the couple's son was just three months old, the family shifted to a new apartment. 

That was when Ms Lyon's mother, Sandra, 58, passed the couple her old Henry the Hoover.

Following a confrontation with her partner, Mr Yapp was kicked out of the house. 

He admitted to his wrongdoing a few months later.

Source: Metro

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