Brawler escapes... just not very far

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The annual South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival is happening right now in Austin, Texas.

It's packed with bands, moguls, film stars and plenty of people who struggle to handle their drink.

On Thursday, Twitter user @jtorres0510 captured footage of the aftermath of a fight in front of a pub.

Police handcuffed one of the brawlers and left him to sit on the sidewalk while they dealt with another combatant using a stun gun.

But the cuffed man had other ideas. 

With some energetic leg thrusts, he managed to get to his feet, balance and then make a break for it through the crowd.


Speaking to Statesman, JR Torres whose footage quickly went viral said:  “We were just standing there and my friend said ‘look fight!’

Torres was too slow with his phone to capture the fight, but well-placed to view the escape attempt

While the video looks like an amazing escape, Statesman reveals that freedom was short lived

One of its contributing photographers showed the man sat on a nearby curb flanked by two officers. He was also sporting a cut over his left eye.

Austin police said the man was charged with evading arrest, while the man shot with the stun gun was charged with resisting arrest and interference with public duties.


Source: Twitter, Statesman

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