Brazil convicts film their escape from prison

It was bad enough that these convicts in a Brazilian prison managed to tunnel their way out to freedom. 

But then they added insult to injury by filming their gleeful escape on a mobile phone and then posting the video online. 

Mail Online reports that the 13 convicts were behind bars in a prison in Rio Verde, Goias State. 

A police deputy said the the prisoners' cells had not been inspected for two months.

Jacqueline Camargo Machado said: "The guard that was there on the day was looking after other things most of the time. 

"We now know that there had not been an inspection of the cell for almost 60 days. They were able to dig a tunnel and it was easy to escape after that."

Two of the men were captured after a manhunt, but the other 11 are still at large.

The prison guard on duty has been suspended.

Source: Mail Online