British honeymooner goes missing in KL

This article is more than 12 months old

 An argument between two honeymooners in Kuala Lumpur resulted in the husband storming out of the hotel room and the wife now worried over her husband's disappearance.

The Star Online reported that Mr Jonathan Kemp, 30, had stormed out of his hotel room at 11pm on Friday, July 4 following an argument with his wife.

While it was not known what they were arguing about, the wife, Alyson Jackson, 24, claimed her husband was "hallucinating" before storming out of the hotel room. 

According to the report, Mr Kemp thought he was back home in England. 

"I had to remind him where we were," she said.

She tried contacting him on his handphone and Facebook but he has not responded.

The couple arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday (Jul 3) was due to fly to Bali on Monday (July 7).

Married for about a week, Mr Kemp was last seen wearing black pants and a white shirt with purple stripes. 


Source: The Star