British man, 24, raped at Oktoberfest in Munich

A young Briton was raped by two men at Munich’s Oktoberfest on Saturday (Sept 27) while he was going to the toilet.

The 24-year-old man was attacked at around 9.30pm while relieving himself in a bush on the edge of the Theresienwiese field, near Munich City Centre, where the world's largest funfair is held annually.

A man came up to him and said he wanted to have sex with him, police said on Sunday (Sept 28), The Local, a German publication, reported.

After the victim rejected the advance, he was attacked from behind and forced to the ground. After that, one man held him down while the other man raped him.

Revellers at the Oktoberfest in Munich, now into its 181st year. PHOTO: Reuters

Despite the terrible incident, police did say that sex crimes at the big event dropped this year. 

According to authorities, there have been about seven reported sexual assaults, including two rapes this year compared to 12 sex attacks over the same period last year.

Police said the unknown men fled. Police confirmed to The Local the victim was a British tourist. 

Source: The Local